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You are missing out on an amazing new service that helps prepare grads for their first professional job searches!

careerwebinar siteYou are probably aware of the stat provided by the Department of Labor that suggests the average young learner will have between 11-14 jobs by the time he or she is 38 years old.

I wonder if your administration is aware of that.

You know better than I that a large percentage of your grads are not prepared for their first professional job searches.   Worse, they are not prepared for the subsequent 10 to 13 job searches.

As you know it takes a good deal of time and effort to secure a job.  Tony Beshara author of the book, The Job Search Solution, and President of Babich Associates, a professional executive placement firm, who has personally placed 8,000 people in jobs during his 30 year career, suggests it will take an average of 16 interviews for most to get jobs.  Leading up to those interviews, job seekers have to spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours developing their resumes, networking, and executing job searches.

For most people the job search process ranks right up there with dealing with the death of a close friend or family member.   For even more, the job search process brings a significant amount of anxiety, uncertainty and doubt.  Even the highest achievers will have their confidence knocked around during their job search processes.

When you think about it, it’s a pretty sad fact that the NUMBER ONE skill your graduates will need during their lives–the number one skill that will help them lead successful lives– is the one the college administration supports the least.

Without proper skills and knowledge, it’s safe to say at least 50% of your grads will struggle through the job search process.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a solution.

TalentMarks has developed a fantastic new way you can deliver career programming 24/7 through any device to grads either before or after they leave campus.

Better yet, the program does not require any time of your staff.

The program grew out of the webinar series they provided for over 1,000 career centers from the fall of 2010 through the spring of 2013.  Each year, TalentMarks hosted 18 webinars featuring well-known career authors and experts.  Each author shared his or her knowledge and expertise in a series of live and recorded webinars. The 200,000 students that took advantage of these webinars picked up incredible tips, best practices and innovative strategies.  TalentMarks was able to accomplish their goal of driving students to the career centers and taking ownership of their career planning.

Out of this experience they developed a scalable career community platfrom that delivers a variety of career webinars to alumni based on where they are in their career.

Here’s how the program would work for you:

TalentMarks now creates for colleges and universities a branded career community that will includes:

  • Nearly 150 live and recorded webinars featuring the nation’s top career authors.
  • Access to 24 incredible career tools to help grads get noticed.
  • Daily updates from top career bloggers and news sources.
  • A discussion area to kick around career ideas with others.
  • A customizable career plan that will offer suggestions based on what skills or knowledge your students and grads need

Plus, the career community provides analytics that will show which students are participating and how frequently.  It’s an innovative idea that has caught fire.

Your alumni, grads and students can access one or all five of the following webinar series to your career community:

  1. The CareerSearch series includes top career experts in the job search industry. Your alumni and grads will pick up tips on networking, learn proven job search techniques, learn the basics of interviewing, and gain insight on how to effectively use social media to get a job.
  2. The CareerCamp series includes authors who help grads gain the knowledge and skills they will need in their first professional job search.
  3. The CareerSkills series includes authors that focus on the soft skills employers say employees lack. These experts provide life changing advice in leadership, ethics, communication, critical thinking/problem solving, and much more.
  4. The CareerDiscussion series delivers a series of authors who will talk about issues your alumni face within the workplace, including tips on negotiating salaries, dealing with difficult people, diversity issues, and breaking the glass ceiling!
  5. The CareerEncores series is for Boomers.  As Boomers near retirement many are asking the same question they asked when they left campus decades ago, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”   Our authors specialize in “second careers” and offer the advice Boomers are looking for!

The program is really turn-key!  You and your staff don’t have to do anything, except invite students/grads to participate.

TalentMarks does absolutely everything!

They host, manage and handle all aspects of holding live webinars and then update your portal with the recordings after the webinars, as well as handle customer service issues, login problems and regular maintenance of the website.

Plus, they provide marketing materials to promote the program.   You will receive:

  • Copy and graphics to promote each speaker
  • Flyers and post cards to share with students and grads

The program is hard to resist!

…and as a result has been enormously popular.

Over 150 colleges have signed up for the service. And they are seeing results.  Some colleges that already have over 2000 alumni and grads participating.  It’s obvious there is a need for the service!

There is no doubt that a majority of your grads will have time on their hands after they graduate to participate in this series.

This is a perfect program for your career center to collaborate with your alumni and development to offer TalentMarks’ career programming that supports students/alumni from the day the arrive on campus to the day they retire!

The alumni office is always looking for ways to engage students and young alumni.  This is an ideal way you can introduce the alumni association to students and grads. It’s another way you can build relationships that provide valuable services to them when they need it most, and it’s a simple way to connect with alumni and students as they connect with one another.

The development office benefits, too.

Richard Bolles, author of the bestselling career book, What Color is Your Parachute, once said, “A working alum, is a giving alum!”

Click here to learn details!



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Don Philabaum
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