Some say Admissions is the “Dream Maker” and the Career Center the “Dream Killer”

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(If you are a member of the Career Center, please don’t take this post personally. This post and all others I write are aimed at catching the attention of administrators who can increase your resources so you can do the things you want to do – to serve more students)

An author friend, who is one of the top networking authors in the nation, recently shared the headline to this blog with me.

It made me reflect on two stats we’ve heard that reinforce the intention of the headline:

  • In 2007 – 60% of graduates had jobs by graduation day
  • Today, only slightly north of 20% have jobs by graduation day

The high school class of 2007 had high hopes their investments of time and effort to earn degrees would position them on the road to successful careers, like the college graduating class of 2007.

But life has not been fair to them.  Not only did they have to endure ever increasing education costs and limits on their ability to get credit, but they left college with diminished hopes of getting jobs after watching the classes of 2008, 2009 and 2010 struggle to find a spot in an employment market tailspin.

So how have those in charge of the college budget helped the Career Center professionals help the graduates?

They’ve frozen or cut their budgets!

Not only do Career Center staff have to serve more students and alumni, but they also have to provide more services – because students and alumni have greater needs!

Today, a student needs help with a resume & a whole lot more – if he or she going to compete in a job market where only 20% of grads are getting jobs. They need advice about how to use Social Media, build their professional networks, personal branding and how to manage their job searches.

We need to get more resources and support to the Career Centers:

  • Faculty need to require students to visit the Career Centers and build assignments into their curriculum that support the Career Centers’ objectives
  • The President’s Council should require students to have a minimum number of hours committed to developing their job search plans and provide the Career Center with more resources.
What do you think?  What needs to happen to help Career Centers get more resources!

What can be done to help?


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Don Philabaum
Love to find ways to use technology help more grads and alumni develop successful career strategies.
Don Philabaum
Don Philabaum
Don Philabaum

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